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How to speed up Hair Growth and ad Hair Length

onion-lemon-coconut oil

Want to know how to speed up hair growth and ad hair length faster? How about keeping your hair and scalp healthy, free from dandruff and reduce oil production? Silly question right? Of course you do.

We don’t have a magic trick nor an easy solution to grow hair in one day or stop hair loss overnight. However, we found some wonderful natural items with amazing properties for hair health. Mixed together, these products can make for a potent potion to grow hair and keep hair and scalp healthy.

Let’s examine these products and and their properties and you’ll understand why these items can help you accomplish your goal of longer and healthier hair.

Organic Coconut Oil

coconut oil


Coconut Oil is rich in lauric acid. Organic Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by getting deep into its follicles, therefore promotes scalp health. Hair is hollow on the inside. Coconut oil completely penetrates this space and gives hair more body. Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length by preventing “hygral fatigue”. To know if you have “hygral fatigue”, you simply stretch your wet hair strand and release it. If your hair doesn’t bounce back to its natural shape or if it breaks while stretching, you hair suffers from this condition. Good news. Coconut Oil can combat this. Already sound very promising right?



Onion juice can provide extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair, thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Just one of the many benefits of onions. Sulfur from onions may also promote collagen production, which helps the production of healthy skin cells and hair growth. We will also examine this way of collagen production in homemade skin care products. 



Lemon juice is a great natural ingredient to promote hair health and growth, besides fighting against dandruff.  Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which boosts the production of collagen which in turn helps your hair grow. Lemon juice stimulates re-growth from dormant hair follicles, is anti-fungal and helps control the production of oil in your scalp.
What you need:
1 onion
1 lemon
And here is where the magic happens.
1. Cut onion in half. Grate onion with cheese grater into bowl. Press grated onions through fine tea mesh strainer or place onion pulp into cheesecloth. Use spoon to push onion pulp into tea strainer or twist and squeeze the onion pulp filled cheesecloth to extract onion juice.
2. Cute lemon and extract juice with lemon press.
3. Warm 3 tbsp organic coconut oil.
4. Mix onion juice, lemon juice and coconut oil into empty spray bottle or container. Saturate Scalp and Hair. Leave on for at least 45 min. If possible leave on over night. Rinse and use mild shampoo. Style and needed. Notice your hair feeling and looking stronger, healthier and longer in no time.
onion-lemon-coconut oil
Organic Coconut Oil has many more properties. In addition to adding incredible luster and shine to your hair it is also anti-bacterial. The high vitamin C content of Lemons aid in cell renewal. The sulfur in onions promote collagen production. All three items combined make for a healthy, natural and cheap hair and scalp treatment, and watch your hair taking grow faster than before.
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