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Treating Burns – Avoid Blisters

Treating Burns and Blister

Try these simple Steps for treating Burns and to avoid Blisters. If you ever got burned, you know how painful it can be. First Aid is key to reducing the pain and damage. Home Remedies work but may not always be the appropriate or recommended treatment for every burn. Determine if you suffered from 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Degree Burns, and always consult with your Physician if in doubt. Injuries untreated may develop into awful infections. Here are some things you can do to treat Burns and Blisters if they are minor.

First Aid for Treating Burns

Keep a small Plastic Bag with white Flour (only white Flour works) in the Freezer. The cold Flour is more soothing than Flour at room temperature. If you get burned apply the Flour directly on the burnt skin for 10-15 minutes and you will not get a Blister. I keep flower in freezer bags to avoid the mess.

After treating the Burns to Avoid Blisters

The Wound Cream I use for just about anything is Rescue Remedy Cream.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Aloe Vera – keep a life Aloe Vera Plant handy to cut a piece of and apply the pure gel to the burn or wound. If you don’t have a plant handy, you can by products at your local drug or grocery store. 
  • Antibiotic cream – apply and cover with gauze to prevent infections.
  • If the Burn gets infected and/or gets more painful seek medical attention.

These “At Home Remedies” are only safe for 1st and minor 2nd Degree Burns. Anything more severe and you should seek Medical Attention. When in doubt, always consult your Physician.