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Best Non-Prescription Eyelash Enhancer


Trending in the cosmetic Industry are Eyelash enhancers. Most women suffer from eyelash loss at some point or never had full and lush looking lashes in the first place. Eyelash enhancers promise women fuller, longer and darker lashes without the hassle of using mascara or false eyelashes. With so many options on the market it is difficult to find the product that really works. The choice is between prescription  and non-prescription eyelash enhancers. So, what is the best non-prescription lash enhancer? How do they work and how long will it take to see results?

How do Eyelash Enhancers Work

Most Eyelash Enhancers are applied to the base of your upper and lower lashes. Most products can be used on thinning eyebrow very successfully as well.

Are the Products Safe

Prescription Eyelash Enhancers are formulated with the hormone prostaglandin. This hormone can cause darkening of the Irises and blurred vision. Why risk potentially permanent discoloration of you Iris and other side effects?


Most Non-Prescription Formulas are prostaglandin and paraben-free. To avoid the side effects of prescription lash enhancers yet give you the results of longer, fuller and more lush eyelashes, these safer, non-prescription formulas contain added conditioning ingredients to strengthen lashes and guard them against breakage.

How Long Until You Notice Results

One of the best and most effective Non-Prescription Eyelash Enhancer is  SmartLash Advanced Eyelash Enhancer. The clinical studies are impressive. Up to 68% increase in the appearance of lash length, 100% noticed a difference in lash length, fullness and thickness within 14-30 days.