Weight Loss Starts in the Kitchen

Weight Loss

Weight Loss really does start at home. A lean body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym. You are what you eat. You eat junk, you look and feel just like it. You eat healthy, you look and feel healthy. Break your habits, stop eating junk, and get into a healthy lifestyle. You will feel and look better. Stop with excuses and get on the health bandwagon. It is not as hard with a little willpower and encouragement. Some guidance and a little determination can get you there. Here are some simple tips to get started.

What is Weight Loss

Here is the truth about weight loss. It is no rocket science.


In a previous post I advised of stopping to eat certain foods. Even so called “healthy foods” can defeat a weight loss program. If you simply stop eating some of these items you will start losing weight. You can exercise all you want. If you don’t adjust your eating habits you will fight a never ending battle.

Not Everyone is a fan of Cardio Workouts. Personally, my Training Programs focused more on weight training, not cardio. Muscles burn more fat in the long run, and keep burning calories way after completing a workout. Cardio burns calories while in action only. While some people may need a little more push, Cardio By the way, it is a myth that lifting weight will make you look bulky (for all the women who are afraid of weights). It will make you look more defined as you lose that body fat. The very thing most of us aim for.



You may also want to check out these 22 Appetite Curbing Tips to lose weight. One of the most important habits to incorporate into your daily activities is drinking Water. Water can be your miracle weight loss partner. If you can get yourself to drink water all day you will see the pounds come off. I lost my pregnancy weight after my first child in no time by drinking water all day long, therefore cutting back on calories I would have consumed in food. I did the same after my son. Not being able to workout after the C-Section for a few weeks, I got rid of the weight by drinking a ton of water.


As you will realize, food is the main culprit if you don’t lose weight. You can work out and kill yourself in the gym, but if you eat the wrong stuff, you won’t see the results you are aiming for.

Here is my motto: Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Work smart, don’t work hard.