Vital Survival Food Items

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Learn about vital food items needed for survival. Are you and your family prepared? Which foods should you stock up on? Do you have enough Water, Energy and additional Food Source to survive for Days or Weeks? What if a terrorist attack shuts down stores and supply lines and poisons our water supplies? This option is an ever growing possibility? Do you ever think about that?

Without essentials you will not survive. Look at what happened to people in the past when they were not prepared or got surprised by disaster.  Do you put your hopes in Government or do you want to be in charge of your and your families survival? You can’t survive without food and water. You need to be able to survive if a crisis lasts more than a few days and have certain items in stock at all times.

We experienced first hand what happens when nature strikes. Living in Dallas, Texas, who would have ever thought that we would become victims of a Blizzard. And and in 2014 we did. Everything froze over. A storm many were not prepared for and got surprised by. People got stranded on the highways, could not leave their homes, and everything was at a standstill for over one week.

So what do you do if it happens to you?

Vital Food Items needed to Survive

By the time disaster hits, many items and water will be sold out. Have you ever seen what happens in areas where a hurricane is expected. Water and certain food items are sold out within a couple of hours. Lines at gas stations are never ending, and no new supplies are coming in. Everyone will try to get Items to survive. If you are quick and lucky, you may be able to get what you and your family needs, but what if you don’t?. Do you want to fight with other desperate and unprepared people for what’s left? Do you really want to fear for your and your family’s survival?

Do your remember these Disasters:

  • 2001 – September 11 Terrorist Attack in the USA know as 9/11, more than 3,000 Americans killed and many left stranded.
  • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina took the lives of 1,800 people and left thousands to scramble to survive. Homes and Stores were flooded, destroyed and looted. Supply lines were cut off. Nothing entered or left the area. People ran out of food and water. Fighting and Murder was triggered by desperation. Remember the horrific Superdome Reports? FEMA was not able to provide fast enough. Many children, adults and elderly died, not in the hurricane itself but in the aftermath. Katrina caused $ 108 billion dollars in damage.
  • 2011 – Massive Tornado outbreaks in parts of Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Entire towns flattened, lives lost, and those who survived were injured, cut of from Power, Supplies, etc.
  • 2011 – Devastating Drought that destroyed crops and killed livestock in gigantic numbers in key agricultural areas of Texas.
  • 2011 – The historic flooding along the Mississippi River.
  • 2012 – Hurricane Sandy, 147 lives were lost, $ 75 billion in damage, affecting 24 states,
  • 2013 – Tornado’s devastated the town of Moore, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas. 24 deaths in and around Moore and $ 2 billion in damage.
  • 2013-2014 – Cold wave and Blizzard effecting all of the US. Traffic on major highways halted, food and supplies could not be moved, and everything was at a stand still. 200 million people were affected. Minnesota recorded a record low of -38ºC, and Dallas, Texas a record low of -9ºC. Wind Chill record in Chicago -63ºC.

And there are many more disasters, too numerous to list them all. It is easy to forget when it did not directly impact you,  but what if one day it does.

Questions you want to ask yourself:

  • Do you know how to purify Water at home when your Water Source becomes contaminated?
  • Do you know how and where to get Food when there are no Stores or Supplies in Stores available?
  • Do you know what to do in the event of a complete Power Failure that will take days or weeks to restore?

While it may go too far for some people to invest in a water generating system, or grow food in the basement (there are not many in Texas), or install a self generating energy system, there are some things you can do and store.

Don’t get caught off guard. Here are some items you should have in you home at all times.

Distilled Water and Seltzer Water. Stock up on water and rotated out as your add to your stash. Keep Seltzer Water on hand as it is known for lasting indefinitely.

  1. Canned meats and fish – tuna in a can is a great lean protein and can be consumed without preparing.Canned Beans and other vegetables – make sure you replace and keep your stack fresh.
  2. Canned Soups – can be eaten straight from the can if needed.
  3. Canned liquids pineapple juice and tomato juice adds some nutrition as well as liquid to your meals.
  4. Vegetable, Beef or Chicken Stock can be used to cook as well as served as liquids.
  5. Crackers have little oil and don’t spoil easily.
  6. Cereals are a great source of fiber, particularly oatmeal and other natural cereals.
  7. Honey is a great sweetener, last forever, and can also be used to treat minor wounds and infections due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Raw and unprocessed is best.
  8. Evaporated or Dry Milk will last and adds nutritional value to meals.
  9. Rice, Pasta and Potato Flakes last for a long time
  10. Dried Fruits such as raisins and apricots are a great sweet treat.
  11. Nuts ads healthy fats to your diet.
  12. Freeze Dried Foods – the best investment you can make, lasts for 25+ years and only needs water to prepare.
  13. There are many more examples of food items with a long shelf live. Ultimately the best approach is to try these foods, find what you like and stock up on it. You will need to use items and rotate as you replace, so it makes sense to only stock what you and your family really like.

Once you have your list of favorite items you can save some money if you plan ahead. Buy in bulk and you can save quite a bit. Visit Costco or Sam’s Club and your saving a much greater with bulk offers. Stock up when items are on sale.

Are you one of many people who thinks this only happens to others not you? Better think again! You need to be prepared and you need to look at this information if you want to keep your family safe.


This Information is amazingly simple, yet I never thought of the many things I can do to prepare for me and my family in the event of a natural or man made disaster.