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Glowing Skin with Lemon Trick

Glowing Skin with Lemon Trick

Summer is over, Fall starts and your face looks dull and dry. The colder weather and heater in homes really do a number on your face. When you look in the mirror do you see even more wrinkles and imperfections on your face. Ever wonder how some women look glowing and radiant with perfect skin and rosy cheeks even in the worst of seasons.

Well, sure, a lot of these gorgeous faces regularly see a Cosmetologist, Dermatologist and I am sure Plastic Surgeons can not be ruled out. However, if you look pretty decent and don’t need an extreme makeover or want to raid your retirement account for a new face a simple DIY Home Treatment may just do the trick.

Lemons are not just my favorite fruits, they have so many more uses. Besides the C-Factor they are acidic and can be used to sluff off some of that dead and dull skin. I usually keep a huge supply of lemons to use in drinks, baking, cooking and you guessed it, my beauty regimen. Try this cheap and fast Glowing Skin with Lemon Trick Fix. (she is kinda funny to watch).

You can also use this Lemon Trick for Age Spots on Face and Hands and to slough off dead skin on your body. Happy Sloughing!