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Committed to Health and Happiness

Living a healthy Lifestyle is not terribly hard to do. You are more likely to stick with changes if you take little steps at a time. Think about this. You only have one body and you need to take care of it. Learn Stay Committed to Your Health and Happiness with little Steps every day.

Big and drastic changes are much harder to sustain. Start with little things and pick the ones that are easy for you to commit to. Remind yourself on a daily basis of what your goal is and build upon those steps.

But where to begin you ask? Well, do we have a perfect Tutorial to get you started. Watch and implement some of these strategies right now! In no time you will see and feel the results which in return will keep you focused and going.

Here are some easy thing to consider starting on.
1. Cut out processed foods. Shop for veggies and fruits. A motto to live by: “If it didn’t exist 100 years ago it most likely is processed food.” Take your veggies on the go by investing in a great Juicer like the Cuisinart CJE-1000 1000-Watt 5-Speed Juice Extractor

Vegetables and Fruit for Juicing

2. Whip up some Smoothies. If you add some lemon juice to Carbonated Water is will help flush out your toxins. Use a great Blender such as the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660). This is the most powerful Blender on the Market right now and will whip up a Smoothie in no time.


3. Replace Soda with Tea or Carbonated Water. Here’s a Tip: Add some lemon juice to Carbonated Water is will help flush out your toxins. Choose from different flavors of tea. Add tea to your Carbonated Water and create your very own healthy Soda. Drink at least half of you body weight in oz of Water. Tea and Carbonated Water can count towards that goal if you are not excited about plain water. Add some lemon, lime, cucumbers, oranges, mint or other fruit and herbs to your water to add flavor.

Pretty Red Tea Cup

4. Pamper yourself. Take some time to relax. Take out your favorite book and brew up your favorite tea and take a little R&R Time on you favorite Chair or Couch. Prepare a soothing Bubble Bath and enjoy a relaxed and rejuvenating Bath with your favorite Bubbles like a Rosemary Mint Honey Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

5. Get a good night sleep. When you sleep your body regenerates and repairs itself. Stay away from social media and stressful thoughts before you go to bed. Go to bed at a reasonable time. Research suggests that the more hours you sleep before midnight the more rested you will feel the next day.