5 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

5 minute Morning Makeup Routine

Little time to spend on makeup? In a hurry to get out the door? This will only take about 5 minutes. Follow these 6 Simple Steps in my 5 minute Morning Makeup Routine with only a few Beauty Items and look great walking out the door. It’ll save you time, money and headaches.

Picture these Scenarios

  • Your alarm failed go off.
  • You decided to snooze one too many times.
  • Accident on way to work or school and you need to leave earlier than planned.
  • Bad weather moving in and you need to get on the road quick.
  • Last minute change in plans.

I bet you can think of many more scenarios why you would want to hurry up and get ready quickly. Can You?

But Wait! This is also a routine you can use any time of the day. These tips will save you a lot of time – anytime. You will look and feel great walking out the door.

To make it convenient for you to replicate, I created a List of products I use at the End of this post.

6 Steps in 5 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

    1. Splash your face with cold water. Pad dry. You’ll wake up and wake up your skin. I don’t use a cleanser in the morning. It will strip my skin and dry it out.
    2. This is the most important of the Steps. Do this first and you’ll need a lot less Makeup everywhere else. Fill in your brows. Your brows frame your face. Check out How To Create the Perfect Eyebrow Look for Your Face. This is one of the most important Makeup Applications to Know. You’ll be surprised what a difference properly applied eyebrows make. I use this genius pencil-and-gel combo, which is a tinted brow gel that fills in sparse areas with a hint of smudge-proof hue.
    3. Fill in your upper lash line with a dark color. Curl your lashes. Mascara may not be necessary. To save time and avoid Mascara, I tint my eyelashes every 6 weeks. When I need more length or volume, I use Urban Decay. Simply apply one coat of Primer and Mascara and you get incredible length and volume.
    4. Apply a cream blush or bronzer on your cheeks. I prefer cream over powder. Powder is dull, cream gives you healthy glow.
    5. Apply the same cream blush on lips.
    6. Last but not least. Use a corrector stick to spot cover any imperfections. I prefer this step at the end. Most imperfections are not noticeable after going through the first 6 Steps.

    You’re done.

My Biggest Secret For 5 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

All my Beauty Items neatly organized, always ready at arms length. Everything I need in one place.

5 minute Morning Makeup Routine