Celebrities Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

Celebrities Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

Anti-aging treatments and products many of the rich and famous swear by. Ranging from fairly expensive cosmetic products to Items you’ll find in any neighborhood store, we’ll examine what works. Several products have been around for a while and used to be secrets to Models and Celebrities. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are cheap solutions to common problems.

Top Rated Anti-Aging Treatments

Celebrities, models and people in the public eye are painfully aware that getting older and showing it is not desirable. Being in the spotlight and a target of public opinion, celebrities are expected to put the best face forward. A youthful appearance is incredibly important. Very few celebrities age well, many spend a fortune to find the fountain of youth or best anti-aging products, some promote their own product line.

As we get older we look for skin products to solve our most common concerns. From fine lines and wrinkles to freckles and age spots, to under eye puffiness and dark circles, you will find a million products claiming to fix the problem. So how do you know what works? You spend your hard earned money and try it, right? How often have you felt like you wasted your money?

Instead of trial and error and wasting a lot of time and money, why not look at what the Rich and Famous do to keep a youthful appearance. We have no illusions and recognize that products are not the only thing celebrities use to appear younger. Top rated anti aging doctors perform Plastic Surgery, Injections, Laser Treatment and Peels for a hefty price tag. This being said, with proper skin care, without raiding your piggy bank or going to drastic measures, much can be achieved.

Anti-Aging Secret of Bee Venom

It has been reported that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, frequently used Bee Venom Facials. She used this treatment right before she stepped out to wed Prince William. Bee venom is used to fool the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung. This causes the body to direct blood towards the area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Warning: Don’t use this if you are allergic to Bees and Bee Venom!

Actress Sandra Bullock swears by care products such as Preparation H to combat under eye circle. Many supermodels have been using this under eye puffiness remedy for years. Applying Preparation H under eyes must be done with caution. This treatment should only be utilized infrequently, for special occasions. In the best circumstances, a person should only use Preparation H under eyes on those rare occasions where they must look their absolute best.

Only apply if puffiness and dark circles under eyes are present. “Phenylephrine reduces the size of veins and is a key ingredient in many decongestants because of its ability to constrict the blood vessels in the nasal cavity. This diminishes the flow of blood to the sinusoidal vessels, which in turn leads to a decreasing in swelling. Using Preparation H under eyes will do the same thing to the swollen veins under the eyes, decreasing their appearance relatively quickly.” – The Dermatology Review

Sheep Placenta

Victoria Beckham swears by Sheep Placenta Facials. As nauseating as this may sound, research has shown that the placenta of mammals contains nutrient rich stem cells that repair and revitalize cells. The placenta is usually thrown out, so now there is a new use for it, at a pretty steep price.

Both Victoria and David Beckham reportedly indulge in the facials that use a mixture of Nightingale excrement, rice bran, and water.” Shape. “Also referred to as the Geisha Facial because of its Japanese origins, several high-end spas are charging hundreds of dollars a pop to slather on this ‘unique’ ingredient, which is said to leave skin shiny and smooth. And yes, it is bird poop you are paying for.

Snake Venom

It has been reported that a synthetic snake venom-based product called Syn-ake is the preferred anti-aging skin treatment Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, and Debra Messing are using. This treatment supposedly acts like a topical Botox, smoothing out wrinkles and relaxing facial muscles. Chemists in Switzerland were able to copy the venom, and replicate the theory  that when snakes attack, they paralyze their victims with their venom.


Fish for Smooth Skin

Angelina Jolie as well as Jessica Simpson revealed that part of their pedicure entails a dip of their feet into a tub with fish. The actresses “relax” as these little fish nibble off all of the dead skin on their feet. Many people swear by this but we still prefer the pumice stone.

Leech Detox

Demi Moore is a fan of “Leech Therapy”. In an Interview with David Letterman she revealed: “I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy. These aren’t just swamp leeches though – we are talking about highly trained medical leeches. These are not some low-level scavengers – we’re talking high-level blood suckers. They have a little enzyme that when they are biting down in you it gets released in your blood and generally you bleed for quite a bit – and your health is optimised. It detoxifies your blood.”

Another Strange Celebrity Beauty Treatment mentioned is Poop from the Earthworm. You know, that slimy little creature that comes out when it rains. If you like to find out more, just google the term “Earthworm Poop Beauty Treatment“. Yikes!

We learned that a Bee Venom Mask can plump up your skin and is a great treatment before a special event. Preparation H reduces under Eye Puffiness. Nightingale Pool Clarifies Skin. Snake Venom smoothes Wrinkles. Fish will eat your dead skin cells and leave you with Baby Smooth Skin. Leeches are used for various medical reasons, among them to detox the body. And if you are curious enough you may want to try some of these anti-aging secrets and find out for yourself