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8 Eye Makeup Tricks to Create Bigger Eyes


Huge eyes are sexy and create a fresh, energetic and awake look. Unfortunately not many women are naturally blessed with big eyes and some of us need a little help. Thank you Cosmetic Industry! Try these tricks to see if they work for you. This application of eye makeup still looks natural and you just created the illusion of HUGE EYES 🙂 We love this look!

Items you need to create Huge Eyes:


Tip 1: Apply concealer around your eyes to even out dark spots and erase dark shadows, pay special attention to the inside of your eyes.

Tip 2: Apply white or very light matte eyeshadow to your upper lid.

Tip 3: Apply neutral matte eyeshadow inside and above the crease.

Tip 4: Apply natural matte eyeshadow to lower lid, below eyelashes.

Tip 5: Use a wet thing eyeliner brush to apply darker eyeshadow to upper lash line and outer part of lower lash line.

Tip 6: Apply mascara primer to upper and lower lashes.

Tip 7: Apply volumizing mascara to upper and lower lashes but only to the tip not all the way close to lash line.

Tip 8: Draw your last lash on the outside of your upper lashes to create an extension of your natural eyelashes.

Watch how to apply!