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How to Quickly Apply False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes

Applying False Eyelashes can be a bit scary, however, after watching this tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes, you too will become a pro at this task. We all would love to have naturally long and full lashes, without having to curl, dye and grow them. Only a few are blessed with this desired beauty feature, the rest of us needs a little help.

With many different brands and types of mascaras, you may be lucky to come across the one that will give you the desired lash length and volume and looks good all day. I have tried every Brand on the market and the one I came to love is called Perversion Mascara. This Mascara comes as a duo with a Subversion Lash Primer, which is your first layer. This is the only Mascara that will lengthen, volumize and stay looking great all day on my lashes.

But here we want to learn how to apply false eyelashes properly to avoid the messy take down at night. Mascara is messy to remove, falsies are simple. While it may be an intimidating product to use at first, when you learn the proper way of applying, you will fall in love with your false eyelashes. You need to practice a little, but you know what the saying is: “Practice makes perfect!”

Item you need:

Soon you will pop these puppies on in no time without having to apply, re-apply and clean up your mascara. Check out this great video and learn some great tips and tricks to prepare from successful application of your falsies.