8 Makeup DO’s and DON’Ts


Makeup Tips and Tricks are all over Beauty Magazines and Beauty Blogs. We were trying to sort through the vast number of Makeup DO’s and DON’Ts and sorted out the most common and easy to fix beauty blunders women make.

What makeup mistake do you think you’ve committed? No women want’s to admit to failure but many of us are repeat offenders when it comes to makeup blunders. Whether it is a wrong foundation color for your skin tone, an eyeshadow color that does not compliment nor enhance your eye color, or an eyeliner that looks like your are still living in the 70’s, you may or may not be aware of the makeup mistakes you are making.

So, we went to work and found most common makeup mistakes most all women make or have made at some point in their lives.

Mistake No. 1

Choosing the wrong foundation color. Yeah, it does not look so good, does it?

Makup Mistakes

Make sure you match the color of your foundation to your skin tone. Your foundation is supposed to give you a flawless complexion not a tan. Test the color by applying it to your jawline and make sure it matches the tone of your skin. Have someone else do it for you if you can’t tell.  Apply your foundation in proper lighting and blend well, or you may just walk out wondering why people are staring at you.

Mistake No. 2

Applying too much foundation or applying over flaky and dry skin. Foundation will accentuate your flaky and dry skin. Exfoliate 1 -2 times a week to keep skin smooth and youthful and apply a moisturizing mask. Here is an idea. Have a Exfoliating Party once a week with your BFF.

Exfoliating Facial-Mask

Mistake No.3

Wearing wrong color eyeshadow. Certain Colors like Blue should be avoided at any times. Unless you are a model or going to a halloween party, keep it neutral. Wow, yeah, not so sexy, huh?

Beauty Mistake Blue-Eyeshadow-

Use natural and lighter eye shadow colors to compliment your eye color.


Mistake No.4

Creating bigger lips by drawing outside your lip line. Not the sexy and kissable look.


Use lighter rose, peach and natural shades of lip liners and fill in with light colored lipstick. Apply gloss to make lips pop out.


Mistake N0. 5

Over tweezing, not tweezing or over coloring your eyebrows. When you your are too excited about tweezing, you may have to pencil hair back in. Be careful not to overdo it one way or the other.


Apply light pressure and short strokes to fill in your natural eyebrows. Make sure not to use a dark eyebrow pencil. We warned you!


Mistake No. 6

Don’t go overboard when applying colors to your eye. Sure, we know there are an endless number of colors for anything from eyeshadows to eyeliners to mascaras. YIKES!


Choose from more subtle and pleasing colors such as pastels and neutrals. It creates a much more natural and pleasing Beauty Look.


Mistake N0.7

Applying Blush to create Cheeks. Using bright and deep colors to make cheeks you don’t have.


We love peachy cheeks like these.


Mistake N0. 8

No, not the Glitter. But Glitter looks so glamorous and fun and shiny. That’s it. No shiny stuff please. And this is why.


It’s messy, it will end up on other place around your face and it can get into your eye and scratch your eyes (unless you use Cosmetic Grade Glitter). If you must insist on a little sparkle use shimmer eyeshadow which contains very fine shiny particles and give you a little sparkle.

Check out this video for some more Makeup DO’s and DON’Ts.