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Stop Back Pain Without Surgery

Stop Back Pain

Does discomfort in your lower back hold you back from enjoying the fun things in life? If you suffer from lower Back Pain, Neck Pain or Headaches here are some tips on how to get your body back into alignment and stop the suffering. Stop Back Pain Without Surgery. But first you should see your physician if you suffer from chronic back pain or chronic headaches since some serious problems like herniated disks can be a cause of lower back pain. If  you’re otherwise healthy you can keep some of the following tips in mind. They will not only relief the pain, but also increase your mobility and blood flow to the weakened areas, therefore reducing tightness and increase mobility.


The first recommendation is to start on a stretching and exercise routine. It may sound counter intuitive and may be painful at first, but as it turns out, over time you will feel more limber and stronger and the pain will subside. Many problems associated with back pain, neck pain and headaches stem from tight muscles and not enough blood flow to the areas affected. Inactivity and weak muscles surrounding the spine contribute to lower back pain and lower back discomfort. Invest in Items such as an Balance Exercise Ball Chair which helps you sit upright and prevent shoulder, neck and lower back problems.

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Second recommendation is to incorporate some Yoga and Exercise into your daily routine. You can check out you local Yoga and Fitness Centers for Classes or you can just simply follow some DVD’s from the comfort of your own home. You can get a whole DVD Series for the price on one month in a Center.

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The third recommendation is to invest into an inversion table. Several different brands are on the market. Inversion tables have been developed over time and have gone through repeated testing stages, providing amazing results for back pain relief.  They are constantly improved and updated. The Teeter Hang Ups® Contour® L5 Inversion Table is one of the most well known inversion tables. It has several benefits for your back.

Using a Teeter helps:

* Rehydrate discs

* Reduce Nerve Pressure

* Realign Your Spine

* Relax Tense Muscles

The newest design features provide even more comfort and security. Just a few minutes a day will provide you with  much needed back pain relieve, reduce your stress and improve your quality of life. The table is easily folded and stored, even in tight spaces. The best investment you will ever make for the price of roughly 3 chiropractic visits.

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